Budget Wedding… the impossible mission!

It is official… I AM GETTING MARRY @ HAWAII THIS OCT! Our wedding consisted of 2 parts. Part one the ceremony will be held @ Oahu. Part two: the reception will be held back home. So lot of planning…..

Part of the wedding planning is to have a fantastic wedding on a budget! I think I am more fanatic about this budget wedding than my fiance. He called it the “Money Ball” style. I only wish I am making as wise of decision as Billy Beam. =P

What is our budget? Our goal is to make this wedding to be as close to $15K as possible.

For the most part my fiance is paying for the majority of mullah, but I am coughing up a large amount of money as well. Since I am cheap… so for all the part I am paying, I am finding way to get a things for less.

Here is the update so far:


1) Location: Check (We got a beach house w/ a huge backyard!)

2)  Photographer: Check (got a really nice photographer for a really good price. $500 =4 hours!!)

3) Still seeking for a decent videographer for a reasonable price.

4) Pastor: Check

5) Food, cake, decoration, music: pending

6) Hotel: free- pending (We will be using our spg point to stay at a hotel afterward for 2-3 nights)


1) Location: check

2) Bridesmaid: check. Their dress is set as long as they all fit =P

3) Wedding dress: ordered

4) Chinese dress: ordered

5) Invitation card: pending (a close friend is helping us design our card!)

6) Wedding website: pending

7) Engagement picture: pending (need to find a cheap but good photographer)

That is it so far…. have few more details plan out…

My goal is to have enough reward points of some sort to get our flights for free flying to Hawaii. Here is what I been working on with credit card rewards. I stopped my spg since we got enough point to stay few nights free in a nice hotel @ Waikiki beach.  I just open a chase sapphire preferred… in less than 2 months I already meet my minimum and received my bonus. My plan is to pay the credit card off in full and looking into opening another chase credit card to increase my ultimate reward points.

By the way…just if you are wondering if I am hurting my credit card score. I just checked my credit card score and it actually went up 1 point. I always been obsessed with credit card rewards. I always pay my balance in full anyway. I think that is the key to not hurting your credit card score.

Ciao for now~ more wedding update to come




Happy 2013! I am engaged!

Happy 2013.

This is going to be a great year. A year of changes. First of all, I am engaged so I have a wedding to plan for (Aiming to get married Oct or Nov of 2013). Secondly, I will be done w/ my RN program so i will have my state board to study for (aiming to take my board in Aug). We have think about where to live after wedding and new job for now and when I graduated.

A lot to plans and look forward to this year.


Hello there,

Welcome to stephaniesfft, which stands for Stephanie’s food for thoughts! My name is Stephanie. I lived in nor-cal (bay area). Currently a nursing student(almost there!!!). This blog will be my food for thoughts on fashion, travel, dinning, education, life experiences, finance and dreams and so on. I am just one person and I am going to managed it all.